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The Best Protein Shaker Bottles

There's little doubt that protein shakes need to be a part of your gym routine if you're serious about achieving results. With the busy lives we all lead in this day and age, however, efficiency is the name of the game. Which is why you need to include a high-quality protein shaker bottle in your pre-gym ritual.

Protein Shaker Bottles are deceptively simple. The core principal is to ensure that your protein powder is adequately mixed and distributed throughout your shake. Thus avoiding nasty clumps that lead to uneven distribution. Measure your powder and liquids, close the lid, shake thoroughly, and drink.

However, the amount of time they save you shouldn't be discounted. Dragging out and washing a blender is a hassle that you don't need to deal with and mixing your shake with a spoon is almost certain to leave clumps of powder that need to be broken up. Not to mention the mess that's almost sure to ensue if you use either of these two methods.

What are the best options?

Now that you're in the market for a protein shaker bottle, which one is the best for you? There are a wide number of products available, all with different methods for agitating your shake and breaking up your protein powder.

Thankfully, we prepared a list of the 5 best protein shaker bottles that you should consider purchasing.


The Blender Bottle Sport Mixer

BlenderBottle SportMixer Tritan Grip Shaker Bottle, Black/Black, 28-Ounce

 This is easily one of the most highly reviewed bottles on amazon at the time of this writing. Of the 3,200+ reviews over 84% of them are 4 stars or more. So what is it about this bottle that people seem to love so much?

It has a solid, spill-proof, design that means less worry than with some other bottles. Once you've heard it snap close, you can rest assured that your shake isn't going anywhere.

The bottle is made from BPA-free materials. Fewer harmful chemicals getting in the way of your healthy lifestyle is always a good thing.

Uses a wire whisk ball to agitate the protein powder. Just drop the included whisk ball into the bottle with your shake ingredients, seal the lid, and shake away. The whisk ball ensures that the chunks of protein powder are broken up adequately and distributed throughout your shake.

Amazon user Mrs. Holland Says: “We just love them! No more chalky protein sludge!”


PROMiXX: The Original Vortex Mixer

PROMiXX: The Original Vortex Mixer. Beautifully Engineered High-torque Battery-powered Protein Shaker / Blender Bottle with X-blade Technology. 100% Leak-proof Guarantee. 600ml /20oz. BPA-free

 Coming in a close second in the sheer number of reviews (over 2,000), the Promixx is quite a bit different from a lot of other protein shaker bottles on the market. This is because, unlike most of the others, it functions more like a mini-blender and isn't really a “shaker bottle” at all.

The vortex motion is the result of its battery-powered plastic blades. These stir up your shake and break up the protein clumps in next to no time flat.

Easy to use, simple to clean and highly efficient.

If you're looking for a protein shaker bottle that's a little less conspicuous than the normal offerings than the Promixx might be what you're looking for. T.A. Woodstock on Amazon had this to say; “...this shaker cup is nicely geared for professionals who are trying to get their fix at the office. It's a bit noisy and perhaps unprofessional to shake up a cup in the middle of the office which makes mixing something a pain. With the PROMiXX, you don't have that problem.”

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Hydra Cup 

Hydra Cup - Dual Shaker 30oz, OG Black

Get your pre and post workout shakes in one compact cup. Avoid lugging around multiple bottles or mixing up a second smoothie after your workout is done. The Hydra Cup has a dual chambered design that allows you to prepare two different shakes and keeps both firmly locked away until you're ready for them.

Mesh inserts at the top of the cup mix and break up your powder as you shake the cup while still keeping the two halves separate. However, you'll likely notice increased efficiency if you add your liquid first and your powder second, instead of vice versa.

Even if you only use one protein shake in your fitness routine you can still get some mileage out of the dual cup design by putting water or another thirst quenching beverage in the other half.

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Each cup comes with a metal shaker ball to agitate your protein shakes and ensure adequate mixing. According to Amazon User kphill16: “Overall, it is one of the best blender bottles I have owned, and the price is fantastic!“


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