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The Best Protein Bars for women


Finding the best protein bar and getting the most out of your workout routine can be tough if you're a woman. The majority of the products and equipment available on the market seem to be formatted specifically for men. The same is true of protein bars. So we've done the research and found the best protein bars for women, formulated specifically with them in mind.

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Empact Protein bars are formulated specifically for women. They're Gluten free, paleo friendly, and come in three different flavors. They appear to be a small, compact size which makes it easy to eat an entire bar in one sitting.

 The nutritional stats are fairly consistent across all three flavors. Calories range from 130-160 and carbs stay under 18g. Every bar contains 10g of protein.

 These bars are exactly what Amazon user 7767 needed in order to recover from a particularly intense workout. “I went to zumba, drove an hour home, and worked on elliptical for an hour. I was getting shaky hungry after, but didn't want to blow it all with supper! I ate 1 Empact bar, and I was good.”

FitMiss Delight High Protein Bars

Looking for a higher protein bar to aid in your bodybuilding and exercise goals? These Delight Bars might be just what you're looking for. This is another protein bar that was formulated specifically for active women. They're gluten free, soy free, Sucralose free, and they come in three flavors.

The calorie content clocks in at around 170 calories each. They also contain roughly 22g of carbs, but over half of that comes from fiber. The real kicker here is the 15g of protein per bar. That's more protein than any of the other protein bars for women that we were able to find.

Worried that the extra protein might ruin the taste? Don't be. Amazon user MLC825 says that; “These are by far the best bars I've had yet. Surpasses other 'top brands' in the taste department.”


These Luna Bars also get a shout-out in our mega list of protein bars, so it makes sense that they show up here as well. They're available in over ten different flavors and, like the other two entries to this list, they're specifically formulated with women in mind. If you're a woman looking for the best protein bar for your bodybuilding routine then these are worth a look.

Like the previously mention bars, these are also Gluten free.

 These bars range from roughly 170-200 calories each. The carbohydrate content hovers around 24g to 30g depending on the flavor. There's also some variation in the amount of protein per bar, ranging from 7g up to about 10g.

While not as heavy on the protein as the other brands, these bars do contain significantly less sugar than most other commercial protein bars. Add to that the fact that LUNA is a trusted name with a prove track record and you've got a product that's definitely worth taking a look at.


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